Thursday, June 25, 2009

ten to say when

a darwinist named dan
was left without a plan
when a creationist named coralie
rejected his paleolithic plea
to make him the happiest man

i dreamed i saw appolonius of tyana
sitting on a park bench peeling a banana
as i tremblingly asked him the meaning of life
he cut it in slices with a boy scout knife
and wrapped it in a red bandana

if eusebius came back to earth
and saw the new cosmos giving birth
would he still be liable
to write the bible
or would the effort not be worth?

a neanderthal named number nine
pondered the legacy of einstein
he couldn't get the hang
of the big bang
so he tipped back a jug of wine

harold smith couldn't say hello
without mentioning his love for annette funicello
he recalled her so often
that nothing could soften
the boredom his fellows felt for the fellow

a psychoanalyst named rudd
thought all his patients were his buds
he declined to charge them fees
but only asked them please
to join him in slurping some suds

a secretary named sue
to her boss was loyal and true
when he laid her off
she coughed one cough
and dropped one tear on her shoe

an orangutan named otto
drank some booze and got blotto
he fell asleep and dreamed
he was picking flowers by a stream
by our lady of primates' grotto

a yeti named youngblood
was walking in the mud
he heard helicopter blades
so he quickly moved to the shade
he thought civilization was a dud

a limericist named lou
had nothing better to do
than search all cultures and climes
for possible triple rhymes
and never looked at the sky of blue


Mariana Soffer said...

I like this a lot. I think you are having a larger kind of characters (darwin the yeddi, and more)
and that you are also bring in up philosophy to the poems, for reader to think of.
My favourite part
"an orangutan named otto
drank some booze and got blotto"
Thanks my friends

TC said...


Yes, triple rhymes are as tough to find as four leaf clovers.

But Tyana/banana/bandana is a pretty good one.

(Interesting how the search for elusive rhymes leads one to surprising images...)