Tuesday, June 23, 2009

farewell to a titan

years ago
when i was really bored
i would speculate on
the most famous persons ever

defined as:
the persons seen "live"
by the most people
for the most hours

and i concluded that
johnny carson was number one
and therefore
ed mcmahon was number two

yes, ed mcmahon
out of tens of billions
the second most famous person
who ever lived!

but time passes
and gods look up from their mountains
to see newer gods
on higher mountains

as hank aaron and barry bonds
passed babe ruth
so oprah and jay leno and dr phil
passed johnny and ed

goodbye ed
thanks for the joy you brought
to hundreds of millions
for thousands of hours

the media say
your last days were unhappy
but what do they know
who have never looked down from the mountain?


Mariana Soffer said...

Very intresting the idea of who is the man most seen
or I would say most shown, It never occured to me that. Anyway I think you cant compare cause now there are much more tvs, more time spent watching it, and there is also youtube or other kind of video trough the computer. Anyway you made me feel a little nostalgic, dough carson was before my time and all.

human being said...

this is so powerful!
and so profound... applicable to many other situations... not just famous people...

perhaps a philopsophical view to POWER...

really really loved reading it...
works like this make me feel so powerful... as i feel i'm looking to the world through a new window...

you have done a marvelous job with a simple concept: looking up and down...

you are a real poet... seeing life so deeply and teaching us to look differently so that we can find another aspect of the truth...

i'm so glad i could come here to crow...
my unpredictable internet connection never let me know when i'm connected... when i can open some sites... when i can comment... but when i can, it feels like a BIG surprise!

dear friend, timmy...
i also want to thank you for your marvelous poem on my blog... like the other poems you left kindly there, it was a blessing... (especially now that most of the time i feel so lost and sad)

you cannot imagine how glad i am to have such understanding friends like you... your precious and beautiful words really help me tolerate more, learn more, hope more,dream more... write more... 'my own story'...

you are a gem...