Wednesday, March 25, 2015

like a movie

you know how
it is when

you just

to see

you know from
a second

or third floor
window or

from a bus
window it’s

like they are
in a movie

and they don't
see you and

they don't know
you see them

and even
if you don’t

like them or
forgot them

and never
want to talk

to them again
they look so

sad and lost
and alone

Saturday, February 14, 2015

lunch hour

the maidens who work in the miasma of moloch's malaria
move their feet slowly
and their pocketbooks calmly
in the pure blue afternoon of atlantis

the flower seller has survived
but the man who sold newspapers (printed on paper) is history
and the shoe shine man has been written out of the history
which has itself been burned in the blast furnace of buck rogers's blueberry pies

i would like to ask the flower seller
the secret of her enduring fame
but the curtain of caution falls over me like catwoman's caressing camellias
as don fernando tunes his piano for his final performance outside the newly opened panera's

someday - very soon
savants will remember panera, and ruby tuesdays, and dunkin donuts
as the flashing emblems and impregnable strongholds
of a lost empire

and nothing , not even the smiles of aging maidens
opening their pocketbooks to buy flowers in the blue afternoon of betelgeuse
from the last flower vendor in the expanding universe
is so sad as a lost empire

Friday, January 16, 2015

movie poem

life is a
movie, as

long as you
can buy a

large diet
pepsi, and

a big box
of sno caps,

and find a
seat in the

darkness, and
get through the

previews, all
will be well

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


i was walking
down the street

and i saw some
regular people

just regular people
not famous

not crazy
nothing in particular

just regular people
lots of them

i kept seeing them
they just kept on coming

young and old
but mostly old

the world is getting old
that's just a fact

and i thought

these are just regular people

regular people
being regular

i don't know what else
i expected

but there they were
and are

they just keep rolling along
and cats and dogs

and hamsters and tropical fish
and other creatures too

there you have it, my friend

Friday, May 10, 2013


i sat on the wall at midnight
watching the tide

the black waves rolled and swelled
without a trace of foam

the rain began to fall
like bullets

one drop, two drops
then a million

i was never so alone
and never so happy

and what i now tremble before
i faced without fear

Friday, December 30, 2011


mister wagner
in his buttoned sweater
at dusk
watering the lawn

i remember he had
a little mustache
and a receding hairline
but he probably didn't

he was old and strange
and could have been any age
between twenty-five
and eighty-five

i watched him
from my own shadows

and his wife
came out on the porch
herself a shadow
in the twilight

and said
hurry up
it's almost time for star trek

Sunday, January 30, 2011


for nooshin azadi

three leaned over the rail
two fell in
one drowned

one ran for help
one was arrested
one washed ashore

one swam
two sank
three walked away

one leaned over the rail
two fell in
three drowned

three laughed
three cheered
three swam away

one ran for help
two reported her
three arrested her

three judges
two jurors
one jailer

one sky
one sun
one cloud

one river
one boat
three leaned over the rail

Monday, January 10, 2011


i'm sorry, ms sinclair
there's no need to apologize, joey

i was just doing what i do
i understand

it's what i do

i have no choice
of course

i do what i do
the doingness of the done

the thing itself
to do the thing

that is imperative
the imperative itself

i told you
i understand

have you called the police?
of course

why else
would i have handcuffed you?

to keep me from doing what i do

i called the police

i had no choice
i understand

but you understand in turn
the imperative doingness of what i do

the done thing itself

i think i hear
the police outside now

Thursday, December 23, 2010


i'm sorry
i didn't mean it

but you said
i know i said

but i didn't mean it
but you said

i have it

right here
you said it

i know i said it
but i was just saying

i didn't mean it
you're a liar

i don't believe you
you said it

you are what you say
i was just kidding

i didn't mean it

what do

know about honest?

you have to believe me
i didn't mean it

i know you
you're a sociopath

i read a book
about you

isn't that kind of

a big word for a

like this?
go away

i don't like
you any more

i never liked you
how can you

not like me
"any more"

if you never liked me?
there you go

being a smarty pants

as well as a

i know you

i always knew you
how can you

know me

if you always knew me?
get out

get out
so all this stuff

about the tape
and the book

about the sociopath
is just an

exercise in style

if you never
liked me

i said get out

it's my room
yes, mine

you don't
believe me

i have the rent receipt
right here

in black
and white

that's just the
kind of thing

a sociopath
would say

like what i have
on the recording

i have the receipt
you have the recording

i guess there is

more to say
i guess not

you should find

a new insult

is kind of sterile
all right

i'll leave

see you around
no you won't

i'm glad
that's over with

Friday, July 30, 2010

just one

billy, is that you
how are you

it's been a while

think you can
give me some

like the old days

when you
were my number one

how you used
to give me

ten, twelve
fourteen at a time

just thinking about it

sixteen, seventeen
those were good times

i hear you

how about
four or five

i could really use
about four right now

how about one or two

one billy

for old times
come on

i remember
you gave me twenty

one time
remember that


you're right
things aren't what

they used to be
that's true

time goes by
but some things

don't change
what, like desperation

i'm desperate
i'm begging you

just one
can't you give me just one

i see

all right
all right

i understand

so long, billy
it was great

talking to you