Sunday, October 12, 2008

snow pizza

i hadn't seen my mom in years, or thought about her much, so i was a little surprised when she showed up at the house. she had two new kids, a guy and a girl in their twenties. the guy was a big dufus, the girl ordinary looking with little squinty eyes. i didn't get their names
i had other things on my mind. i had a great new job, delivering pizza. i was going to deliver my first one. it looked kind of pale for a pizza, and was floating around on the plate. i went out the door and down the street, and it started to snow. i decided to go back in the house and cover it up and warm it up - i still had plenty of time.
while i was waiting i got into a conversation with someone, aunt somebody or maybe my mom - it was kind of strange, her coming back after all those years. then it was time to go. i went to get the pizza and my dufus new half-siblings had EATEN HALF of it!!

OH NO! what was i going to do! my first day on the job, my first delivery and i messed it up! i looked around, there was no way to cook another half a pizza on time! i was so embarassed! i really needed this job! it was over before it began!
i looked at the phone. it looked back at me.