Sunday, April 27, 2008

my friend hassan

there is nobody named hassan in this village


sometimes i
think i'd like

to go far
away, far

away, where
no one has

ever gone
before, and

then i'll be
free, yes then

i will be
truly free

Monday, April 7, 2008


the beach throbbed with life
charlene spread suntan lotion on herself
danny leaned on the rail thinking he'd like to spread the suntan lotion on charlene's toes
eddie leaned on the counter of the fish and chip shack wishing he was selling more fish and chips

frank sat in his chevy looking out at the waves
gog looked down and said hey that's not half bad
half bad said magog i think it's pretty pathetic
i could do better if you just gave me a chance

jesse james couldn't save this bunch
king johnson drove up in his el dorado
love spread its light over the landscape
mighty fine

never forget this moment, jennifer
an octopus suddenly appeared in the water
pennies of panic fell from heaven
quit while you're ahead = humans

rita adjusted the strap on her bikini top
suddenly a gang of manichean christ deniers appeared on the horizon
terror totally erupted when an albigensian mob landed in rubber rafts up in the sky lightning flashed

vice and virtue were horribly entangled
when you lose your daddy
expect the police to come knocking at your door
you'll never know what hit you

zeros are beyond counting
all your sins are washed away
the beach was deserted
charlene put her suntan lotion and her towel and her radio in her bag

Saturday, April 5, 2008

april and other nice poems

the month of april is so nice
cats leave off of chasing mice
dogs leave off of chasing cats
and everybody wears white hats

nelly had a little kitty
she thought it was so wise and witty
she brought it to the vicars house
to have tea with the sextons mouse
in truth, the scene was quite pretty

i dreamed of a kingdom by the shore
which had no racism, sexism or war
and as i walked for miles and miles
all the people had big smiles
what was i scratching my head for?

lets go sit in the park
all day until it gets dark
it it rains we won't care
it's the answer to the flowers prayer