Monday, February 8, 2010

blues in the night

i awoke
to the words
in my head

and they said

we are only words

and words are
only memories

and memories
are only stories

and stories
are all the same

and are all

a rag a bone
and a hank of hair

a mothers prayer

a step upon
a creaking stair

a whisper to beware

a princess in a tower
a guardsman at a gate

a messenger arriving
a moment too late

the panhandler you ignored
on a rainy night

who turned out
to be jesus christ

but he forgives you
it's what he came for

the water is deep
go back to sleep

the army of light
will defeat the forces of darkness

do they not
do it every night?

a new princess will wait
in a new tower

more beautiful than ever

with a more faithful guard
who will try so hard

to repel the invader
next time