Sunday, November 29, 2009

demon lover

when i was a child in ages dark
demons chased me through the park
and angels though in charge in me
laughed loudly at my misery

and when i finally tripped and fell
you raised me with the hand of hell
angel born and demon bred
you introduced me to the dead

the dead whose wide and staring eyes
were whiter than the winter skies
who sat all night on fog wet benches
sad sentinels of eternal trenches

the dead whose soft and wordless lips
twisted like slowly sinking ships
in black and bottomless seas
in unreverberating reveries

Sunday, November 22, 2009


let no man stand aside
who has not taken his place in line
and waited for the 23673rd bird to sing
after the 23672nd

but raindrops and grains of dust
are not so appropriate
as the seat covers
of a 1938 packard

driven by the lady in red
across the canadian border
all the way from laredo
for a perfect indiana day

in the park with a white hat
snatched by a bluebird
flying to alaska
but landing on easter island


there is desperation
in the greenest trees
a secret conflagration
in the coolest breeze

the kitten at the window
the butterfly in the air
watch the raindrops follow
each other in despair

and when the leaves fall
yellow in the rain
the sidewalk hears them call
a whispered name

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the unexplainable man: toward midnight

ride the bus
see a million stories
forget them all

mocking eyes
sneering lips
terrifying teeth

you don't like it
why you take so long?

they punch each other
they kick each other
they laugh at each other

lincoln towncar
dark and silent
surrounded by mcdonalds doggie bags

two hundred people
pass the bag lady
walking one block

behind dark glasses
checking out the women
dreamer or killer?

shine of bottles
behind a bar
like no other light

clutching hand
from a blanket
in a doorway

better than words
now only words

death is real
it is chasing me
through the streets

lion tamer

twenty six
miles away

and i still
want to be

one of the
class clowns, and

if only
i could stop

the lion
tamer from

his sad and

ways and go
back to the

broken fence
where we first

escaped from
uncle john

and the first
law of the

blue roller
coaster while

the clown cried
twenty six

twenty six
miles to east

st louis
ladies and

before the

white merry
go round stops

and all the

red horses
run away