Sunday, June 21, 2009

minimalism, part 1

yo, billy
what's up?
nothing much
see you
take it easy

peggy walked down the street
she came to an intersection
she pressed the button
the walk light came on
she crossed the street
she kept walking

rick, can i see you a for a minute?
have a seat
you're letting me go, aren't you?
i was expecting it

carol jones!
excuse me?
aren't you carol jones?
who are you?
betty harrison, don't you remember me?

that was a good sandwich, mom
i'm glad you liked it
can i have another one?
why don't you make it yourself?
make it myself!
yes, the bread and stuff are right over there

the third race
what about it?
who do you like?
i haven't decided
i have
i haven't


Mariana Soffer said...

Very nice

and I liked that at the end it can't decide if it can decide yet.

but I did not get what is the third race, something to do with sex change, I don't think so.

timmy said...

mariana -

the "third race" is a horse race. the two slackers are getting ready to bet on it.
slacker #1 is trying to get slacker #2 to tell him which horse he is going to bet on.
with this kind of 'minimalism" you just have to take your chances that any reader will understand it

these were inspired by the blog "six sentences"

human being said...

love the way i can get lost here among these... struggling to find the way out...

each triggers a novel in my mind... a small door leading to a maze...

love them...

human being said...

the 2nd piece is may favorite...

human being said...