Sunday, June 14, 2009


junior wasn't very bright
but he was interested
in everything

he stared out the window at school
at the cars driving by
and the planes in the sky
and the big rigs on the highway

but what he really liked
was helicopters
(there weren't too many of them)
and blimps (maybe one a year)

the teacher would say to the class
junior is dreaming again
what are you dreaming about junior?
and he would answer


he never did his homework
but went home and worked on model planes
and model trains and trucks and cars and helicopters and blimps
and sometimes ships and submarines

he got the money for these things
by working at wendy's
and collecting bottles and cans
in an old shopping cart

junior is all grown up now
and loads and unloads trucks at costcos
and he goes to pta meetings
but his wife does all the talking


Harlequin said...

...I guess I want to say, his wife STILL does all the talking...and if not she, then, who?? this has a sweet deceptiveness about it...

human being said...

oh how i loved i was junior's teacher... such a creative and soulful being...
then he would do all the talking himself...
i had many juniors as students... of course all of them were 18+... and i loved the way they learned to express themselves...

some teachers are soul-killers... they just teach to say, 'hey look at me! i know better than you...'