Wednesday, June 17, 2009


my mom was a nice lady
i really liked her a lot
we went for long rides together
when it was cool, and when it was hot

one day we went for a drive
further than we usually went
we came to an old gas station
its sign was faded and bent

there beside the station
was an old fashioned general store
i had the strangest feeling
that i had never been there before

inside was an old cooler
filled with sasparilla and coke
i put my hand in the freezing water
and a voice from the shadows spoke

"you got to pay up, mister
before you put your hand in there"
the proprietor lurched like a grizzly
from a quivering rocking chair

i had never encountered such behavior
in all my pristine days
the terrible creature glared at me
i could not hold his gaze

i bought a bottle of ginger ale for mom
and a royal crown cola for myself
i thought i saw two yellow eyes
high up on a dusty shelf

the sun was shining like an oil slick
on the roof of battered tin
though we traveled the whole state over
we never went there again

1 comment:

human being said...

this brought tears to my eyes...
so beautiful...

yes just these seemingly trivial incidents 'together' create that sense of motherhood... not just giving birth to a child...

so happy i can crow on your works again... when i wrtie about the things an artwork gives to me, i really feel i have traveled to a higher point in my life... i feel i know more because i've tried to understand things people share with me...

i love this communication through art...

thanks thanks...