Friday, June 12, 2009

poem #13

one planet spinning
blue words in red sunsets
across the continents

electrons of words
dinosaur trails
popsicle icecaps

a mosquito is born and dies
a chimp chomps a pomegranate
a clam is fried

a human is fired from mcdonalds
in san jose istanbul singapore

coffee is poured in starbucks
in bogota johannesburg mumbai

jackie chan falls out of a window
in dallas in lagos in seoul

one planet spinning
trillions of planets spinning


Anonymous said...

So, my office shares space with a squadron of graphic designers with the marketing department. One of the interns is this newly-minted masters of science in informatics. He's from mainland china, and is a card-and-a-half. By his own admission, he "is a high-quality asian import." He a total bad-ass all around.

JHe just watched the Rush Hour films, and then The Fifth Element, and has now demanded that everyone call him Chris Tucker Zhu.

Who could deny him this simple request? Not me.

Mariana Soffer said...

I really like it M favourite phrase is
"a chimp chomps a pomegranate" do you mind if a use it?
Go on building a zoo without cages

Harlequin said...

oh, man, this is just hypnotic... one planet much to read into/out of " spin"
loved this.
agree with Mariana... the pomegranate tasted good
but I am caught by the spinning...

human being said...

one spider spinning
an intrinsic web
across the minds

a poet is inspired by god
in us iran the isles

to invite all particles
to dance
to the only tune there is...


timmy said...

thanks again to all

mariana (and anyone else),
please feel free to use anything here or from my other blogs