Wednesday, June 17, 2009


dad had problems
but he wasn't a bad guy
he could stare at the refrigerator for hours
even if there was no beer in it

he went to work every day
he was a systems engineer
but i never saw him engineer a system
or knew what a systems engineer was

whatever he did
it tired him out
when junior or sis got arrested
he would just nod

and get up and open the refrigerator
to offer the arresting officers a beer
but there was hardly ever
any beer in the refrigerator


Mariana Soffer said...

He is pretty simmilar to homer simpson. Are you called bart?

TC said...

This is a pretty sad story. I mean, jeez. Sorry fellas! I just drank the last one.

Lovely site, great look, cool poems, thanks!

timmy said...

TC -

thank you very much. i see (from mariana's site) that you are mr tom clark, many of whose books i have read and enjoyed over the years. i particularly remember your novel "who is sylvia?" and the two little books on the merwin/naropa episode.

thanks again

human being said...

'he was a systems engineer
but i never saw him engineer a system'

this tells it all...
and i know what this means... i do...