Tuesday, June 16, 2009

nine to shine

an actor named jackie chan
was the ultimate 21st century man
he fell out of windows all over the planet
on to sidewalks of plastic, glass and granite
the whole universe was his fan

beauregard, a bobobo
had never experienced falling snow
the concept of santa claus
gave him pause
but he concluded, what do i know?

a scorpion named stingaree
was a fervent fan of bruce lee
he imitated all his moves
and left the sand in whirling grooves
in the desert of mo-ja-ve

a tintist named tintoretto laughed
and was left alone on a rubber raft
after the panic
on the titanic
left him master of his craft

an echinoderm named ed
was taking a nap on the ocean bed
when some humans disturbed his rest
with a series of nuclear tests
he wondered, was it something i said?

an australopith named al
picked some flowers for his best gal
when he reached the top of the hill
he saw her carried off in the bill
of a pterodactyl he thought was his pal

a creationist named chuck
at the slot machines had little luck
he turned to dave, a darwinist
who also had a throbbing wrist
and asked, can i borrow five bucks?

a jellyfish named jermaine
liked to stay out in the rain
as humans rushed for their cars
houses, arenas and bars
he absorbed the eternal terrain

an expanding universe named grace
had half a mind to trace
her connections to her siblings
but this was dismissed as quibblings
as they flew into infinite space


Mariana Soffer said...

A clear example of biodiversity.

human being said...

oh... you know a lot because you understand people and things...
and share your knowldege in a very lively attitude...

love that concluding section about universe... the mysticism there... when we are invited to flow intuitively to understand... not to analyze and dissect all the time...

the beauty here really made me so energetic...