Wednesday, May 13, 2009

where are the others?

where are the others?
henry harris woke up on his park bench
earlier that evening, when he had fallen asleep, the park was filled with people
rick rogers, the sheriff, had allowed him to sleep on the bench
everyone in town had been celebrating the great victory over the powers of darkness

armageddon had come and gone
remembering it brought tears to henry's eyes
ecstasy had been the order off the day

the whole town now seemed deserted
henry walked away from his bench
expecting to find the rest of the townsfolk around the corner

on a telephone pole a sign was attached
"the joke is on you" it read
henry rubbed his eyes
every cell in his brain throbbed
rick rogers and the rest of the townsfolk had seemed like good people
so what had happened?


human being said...
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human being said...

one day not very far away
i woke up on the same park bench
and turned around the same corner
and saw the same sign
and asked the same question:
so what had happened?

and i walked and thought
and i thought and walked
when out of the blue
a dark feather
floated down
in front of me...

and then i found the answer:

darkness is the absence of light
but light is not the absence of darkness...

this poem is one of the best i've ever read... one of those rare works that give me the feeling that my soul has written it...

timmy said...

thanks human being - and i'm happy to see such an excellent poem as your own in response