Saturday, May 9, 2009

poem #12

talking without ceasing, thirstier than ever
ahab sat in the lifeboat
low on the horizon the sun disappeared
kissing the water with flame
i told you so said billy
nothing good could come of this
good is not my word, ahab replied

when darkness fell
incandescent sharks appeared
they laughed at ahab billy and the others
harry smith the cook
opened his mouth to catch the rain
unfortunately there was none
there was no wind either

confidence ebbed
eternity beckoned
ahab kept talking
serenading the waves
in which the sharks laughed
never mind said billy
glory awaits us

tornados of words
hurricaned out of ahabs mouth
in the moonlit foam
restlessly tumbling
sam brown the boatswain
took heed of heaven
in a single fleck
everything was

the whole crew looked to heaven
hoping for salvation
ahab kept talking
now and on earth

endless words
endless words
reverberating forever


Harlequin said...

read this one on Interiority and paid tribute there... just wanted to say it again... quite taken by its rhythm and roll... and how you pull me into the boat

timmy said...

thanks harlequin - especially for taking the time to post twice!