Sunday, May 3, 2009

rimbaud, part 1

throw the jaguar a nickel and the clown a dime
and ride on the river of endless time
the mayor is lying face down in the slime
so now you can never atone for your crime

the statues are shattered and the safe is unlocked
it's midnight forever on the cuckoo clock
so its out the window and down to the dock
to the twisted tree beside the humpbacked rock

"mama - mama roo - are you there?"
"don't come closer,boy - beware."
"beauregard's treasure = i've come for my share."
"the moon isn't green - so you haven't a prayer."

"i've had enough of your magical words
all your talk of green moons, red frogs and white birds
the night is alive, or haven't you heard
the dogs are howling to cut me to sherds

i gambled for beauregard's money and won
i need it now because i'm on the run
i must get to natchez before the rising sun
because my tribulations have only begun

"boy - if you must be such a fool
as forget what you learned in michael's school
and the message you read in jezebel's jewel
and break both angels and demons rule

then never awake from your madman's dream
when nothing will ever be what it seem
but that pitiful rays of hope may gleam
i leave you this token of magic esteem"

raindrops riffle on a snakeskin drum
and a thousand toads take up the hum
the eyes glaze over and the hands grow numb
a white light shines on the swirling scum

and the light contains an old felt hat
the crown is shapeless and the brim is flat
gray as the fur of a mangy cat
surely you are not afraid of that?

with a trembling hand on a fluttering wrist
the hat fits as tight as a demon's fist
zombie eyes glitter and serpents twist
the sorceress gone with a final hiss

say goodbye now to mama roo
in amber bubbles in a mist of blue
her curses were empty but her lies became true
now there's nobody left but the dogs and you

the slime so dismal and the sir so foul
the demon in his armor and the monk in his cowl
the fish-dog-witch and the goddess-owl
are all set trembling by the terrible howl

there is only road - through the thick of the bog
though you can not be hidden by the thickest fog
in the tallest tree or the hollowest log
no time to be lost because here is the dog

with hide black as nothingness, eyes white as time
red claws rake the dirt at the edge of the slime
the sheriff smiles gently at his terrible whine
though the dog speak in tongues, he won't answer in rhyme

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