Sunday, May 24, 2009

seven under heaven

for human being

an alligator named augustine
kept his apartment clean
when the housing inspectors arrived
they saw it wasn't a dive
but quarters fit for a queen

a butterfly named bo
surrendered to mother earth's flow
he floated through every clime
but was always home on time
to watch his favorite show

an insomniac chipmunk named constance
said, i've had enough of your nonsense
to the frogs in the pond below her tree
who never stopped their chatter for tea
but they heeded not her remonstrance

a philosophical frog named fred
tried to store inside his head
the history of every creature
their every form and every feature
and cared not where his enquiries led

an elephant named ed
hated to get out of bed
no matter how the sun did shine
he said, the days no friend of mine
i would rather dream on instead

a grumbling gorilla named gus
waited every morning for the bus
to take him to his place of employment
where he experienced little enjoyment
but cowered in his cubicle and cussed

a human named henry brown
lived in a little town
he had no time for idle talk
but exercised in endless walks
and dreamt of eternal renown


human being said...

wow wow wow!
thanks a lot dear friend, timmy...

i'm really honored to recieve it as a gift...

and what a gift... after a tiring day... which included long walks and idle talks, nothig could refresh a soul like these limericks...

you know our being has got different aspects... as you've shown in this beautiful work... part of us is a butterfly floating in the endless space (this time i can see your very nice artwork)... part of us is a philosophical frog... part of us is ed who loves to be in the bed... part of us is gus who finds little enjoyment in some of the things we do in our everyday life... and...

yes we are that multi-sided human struggling to gain a balance among these creatures within him/her...

so we do not need serious talk all the time... we do not crave for classic works all the time... many times we need something light to amuse us and teach us in a playful way...

in the world i live (my personal values) all kinds of works are cherished.. all kinds of people are dear... once a commenter on my blog called me a hypocrite... she couldn't understand how i could
praise and cummunicate with such different and even opposing people and ideas and works...
i told her because i have each one of them in me... and i really understand what they say and love them...

in my world light passes through both classics and comics
that's why i believe your limericks are masterpieces... i find them both refreshing by being humorous... an deeeeeeep by holding a mirror in front of us to look within...

if i had the money i would publish them as little books for everyone to read...

again thank you for sharing your isdom and art with the world...

this virtual world is really a heaven for the crow who loves to fly and meet souls and minds...
in the real world unfortunately people are very much concerned with the physicalities .... they have forgotten than we are mostly thoughts... mind...


human being said...

and eternal renown
is when naught we own...


human being said...


* and deeeeeeep
* sharing your wisdom
* they have forgotten that


timmy said...

thanks again ... glad you liked them ... i had fun writing them

Harlequin said...

a sweet romp through a thoughtful zoo...thanks

Mariana Soffer said...

I loved it, so colorful, but my favorite animal is missing the hippo, so let me go for him:
a hippo named plamp
fell into the swamp
he fell into the depths
where he walked with very large steps
and stepped on a plant
that let him go up the swamp

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