Sunday, May 17, 2009

i'm looking for my mother

"i'm looking for my mother to kill her"
"my, my." said sherlock holmes, "that sounds a bit extreme."

lestrade looked on quietly
on one hand he approved of holmes method
on the other he was shocked
killing was serious business
in his opinion words meant something
newer views were taking hold
gentlemen in positions of influence

forwarded theories
on the irrelevance of language
refuting centuries of received wisdom

moll johnson the pickpocket
youthfully snarling and insouciant

made eye contact with lestrade
on a nod from holmes
tom jubb the constable
hustled poor moll away
"elementary, my dear lestrade," holmes explicated
"remnants of prehistory

tumble through the child's brain
obviously irrelevant

interesting however -
let us take a walk"
leaving the docks behind

holmes and the worthy inspector
entered a broad thoroughfare
reminding lestrade of a battlefield in the punjab


Harlequin said...

my favourite words here: insouciant; punjab. And, I am a Holmes fan, so cannot resist this adaptation/application

Jon said...

the picture kills me... adds nicely to the poem...

this reminded me of the "man with the twisted lip" a bit too... and you've gotta love that lestrade... he just bungles his way through holmes wake.

timmy said...

thanks to both ... the primitive primitive artist loves compliments