Sunday, May 3, 2009

rimbaud, part 3

mungo answers with grimacing rage
"death is the murderer's only wage
it is time to turn the final page
on this beastly and unrepentant mage

this little monster thinks he can sell
the human race to the circus of hell
but i will not fall under his spell
his demonic designs i vow to quell

the criminal who gets away
weaves threads of darkness in the fabric of day
and angels look down from above and say
'over such a world why should we stay?'

so cast him into the waterless well
and all his sneering triumph dispel
so that legions of demons may sadly tell
his tale to the tolling of a burning bell

this is no wayward youth beguiled
on whom temptation has merely smiled
this is the evil one's favorite child
how can we let such a one run wild?"

the denouncer pauses- his words are spent
the sheriff answers "i know what you meant
but your words aren't worth a half a cent
because through the swamp his steps are bent

he may be running with the speed of ten
or safe in a wolf-woman's murky den
the dogs are lost - and we're only men
when the sun comes up, we'll try again"

"go back then - i'll go on alone
and leave unturned no slimy stone
what's that? i heard a zombie groan"
the swamp erupts in a single moan

mungo's face grows white as chalk
his eyeballs bulge and his tongue can't talk
the sheriff shrugs - "it's four o'clock
a right enough time for zombies to walk"

"see, see how satan protects his own
his imps guard the road where his favorite has flown
the fire-tongued boy and the shapeless crone
play on drums of snake and trumpets of dragon bone

let's go then,' mungo's lips are pursed
his eyes are darker than a thunder-filled hearse
"defeat is terrible but this is worse
ah - let me turn back, for one last curse!"

his foot, when he turns, doesn't ht the firm sand
out of the ooze twists a long-taloned hand
and seizes his ankle like an iron band
he struggles and screams but firm he must stand

"oh demon, release me." cries the piteous wight
raising hands to heaven in terrible fright
"release me, release me, i will never more fight
against your glorious master, the emperor of night

oh, release me, release me and all of my days
i'll devote to chanting the horned one's praise
to serve him forever i'll search out new ways-
let me look just once more on the sun's rising rays!"

suddenly, softly, the hand lets him go
trembling and gasping he staggers back slow
and shaking his head exclaims, "what do you know
these demons are fools - i always said so"

"yes," says the sheriff, "no doubt that is true
tomorrow the skies will be sunny and blue
the night be forgotten, the world bright and new
but night's waiting children may not forget you"

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