Thursday, May 21, 2009

gang of six

a choleric chimp named chuck
was corrosively cursing his luck
but he gave hosannas
when he found some bananas
that fell off a turnip truck

a delirious dolphin named dank
had no money in the bank
the humans pointed their fingers
and assaulted him with zesty zingers
as he jumped in his disney tank

a decorous dragon named dray
liked to sleep in farmer brown's hay
this inflamed the homesteader's gorge
so he called upon st george
to drag the poor dragon away

a hirsute hippo mamed hank
had a favorite barber named frank
he relaxed in the barbers chair
and dreamed of meadows green and fair
and white lilies by a river bank

a cantankerous crow named joe
floated above an ice floe
the way the world was going
he couldn't help but knowing
there was fire down below

a flaccid flamingo named fay
wouldn't give the time of day
to humans with their planes and cars
and plans to colonize the stars
she just went her own way


human being said...


this work... is a masterpiece!
this is what i really feel and believe... i don't say this to please a friend... you don't need it... i know you need the truth...

you should have seen me as i was going through this... my grin growing bigger and bigger... my eyes opening wider and wider... my wows becoming louder and louder...

i can write a book on this... no kidding!

that crow part just killed me!

and the psychologist crow who sees the other 2/3 of the iceberge... should be cantankerous because of that knowing, eh?

just i wonder why its name begins with 'j'?! all the other animals have a name beginning with the same letter... the flamigo is fay,
the hippo is hank, the dragon is dray, etc...

i can justify this in a way but i'm so eager to know your reason...

what a pity i cannot see your digital art on this post... it's filtered from here...

the overall image here i see, is a conic spiral moving from a macrocosm to a microcosm... this gang of six lives within our psyche, too...
how much do we know about each of them?
how much are we aware of the existence of each of them?
how much do we let them talk to us?

the images and animals you've chosen are so archetypal... that's why this poem touches so deep... communicating with our inner self...

i LOVE it... and i'm sure i'll have lots of visits to it...

and surely i'll crow more...
crows cannot keep silent when they see sparkly things... that's their weak point!

[to tell you the truth, i've kept silent a few times (forcefully) but it really hurts... i lost some feathers]


timmy said...

thanks for the kind words, crow... i find limericks a way to relax my mind - i sometimes compose them as i try to get to sleep - then i write them down in the morning - IF i can remember them

i decided to call this batch "gang of six" instead of just 'six poems' or "six limericks" after doing the picture which shows the six creatures in a group

"joe the crow" just had a nice ring to it - no other reason

i'm sorry you can't see images --- is this a new problem?

thanks again - praise like that would give an amoeba a swelled head

human being said...

if that head swells with more poems, the praise should be even more...


i cannot see it because of the filterings here in my country...
it's not a new problem... it's a worsening problem!

Mariana Soffer said...

I love these animal poems, they make me feel like a kid, at the same time that they make me re/think serious stuff. I am happy cause I found my favourite animal here, the hippo.