Monday, September 21, 2009

the unexplainable man: powell and market

getting off
the escalator

city of garbage
city of coffee cups
city of rainbows

see the blackness
feel the warmth
plastic covered paper cup

hot sun
blasting transistor
nine more hours of daylight

a virgin woman
and a virgin man
from minneapolis, fascinated

i asked for tuna
on a soft roll, goddamit
a soft roll!

poised to reascend -
the filthy pigeons and humans

these people are dirty
i don't care about anything else
but they're dirty

speak english
people used to be proud

human sounds
slice of hot dog between teeth
gurgle of beer down throat

behind the window
pretense of reading the paper
embarrassed to be alone

an old man feeding pigeons
the diseased loathsome pigeons
life calls to life

yes yes
the baked potato
is wonderful

i thought it was
something good, like a
steak or something

on hands and knees
on the sidewalk
outside mcdonalds

bus boy
standing over the bum
like a drill sergeant

cameras, cameras
no one takes my picture

said no to six panhandlers
lonely sneakers
down the steps of the bart station


The Scrybe said...

Such a good, snapping, rhythm... And you've really brought the whole thing to life... It's as though I can actually feel your disgust whilst reading it('human sounds
slice of hot dog between teeth
gurgle of beer down throat')...
I like :)

Harlequin said...

... and the bart station was a nice touch... been there... hmmm.