Sunday, September 20, 2009

the unexplainable man: at the beach

went to the beach
of looking for a job

cold morning
no tourists
the waves are white

the foaming rocks
the hills
and the gray sky

clouds roll up
like limousines
waves crash and die

cold raindrops
riddle the sand
fur of a running cat

police car
stops for a hot dog
in the rain

running down the beach
the pit bull stops
shell of a manta ray

sky god - triumphant
sun god - devouring
sea goddess - forgotten

no more messages
but humans
still watch the waves

human hand
monster hand
above the waves

the great hand
of the sea and sky
no fingers

for thirty seconds
called to me

reality is reality
and i'm
only myself

bulbous seaweed
from the ocean floor

i wanted to kill myself
i went and looked at the ocean
i felt better


fine sand
across the muck
like frosting

1 comment:

Harlequin said...

the poignancy of this is searing... and I am only myself...
loved the images and the anticipation