Monday, September 14, 2009

slurkett #7: assassination at midnight

be careful on your way out, admonished the count
certainty is absent
don pedro has let it be known that he has lost patience with the queen
everything is in a muddle, we know

following the route
gradually revealed by the glowing firmament
his poor frazzled brain aglow
in despair the poor archduke let his steps be bent

just beyond the stable, where his loyal sturdy mount
kept whinnying to and fro
let this cup pass from me, muttered the archduke, it is tantamount
methinks to the poisonous offshoot

now and forever ascribed to the king who had a big mouth and spent
out of his inheritance sums obscene
perhaps now moot -
queenly laughter by light of the moon - shadows leaped from the fount


Jon said...

Man that's good. I kept looking back at the rules for the form thinking that I'd find something you missed... but no! You'll see. I'll make one of these yet!


Mariana Soffer said...

Excelent poem, completelly different from the animal one's I used to read and like. This is
great to, just different style. You are a good writter man.

I specially like the words queenly laughter by light of the moon, that is real poetry, that is real art.

timmy said...

thanks to both

the main thing in a slurkett is that the form completely dictates the content, you can't even think about communicating or saying anything, you just do whatever fits.

glad you thought i could fit some real poetry into the strait jacket of a slurkett!