Thursday, September 24, 2009

back in my old home town: it's like i never left

an alligator named al
didn't have a friend or a pal
he went to the pawn shop
and bought a laptop
now his acquaintances are glo-bal

a barracuda named ben
was sentenced to life in the pen
he went to the bars
and looked out at the stars
and wished he could find peace again

a cobra named constance
to her mirror made remonstrance
when she found a gray fold
and said, i'm still not so old
that i can not find true romance

a doctor of philosophy named dave
took up residence in a cave
in his comfortable flannels
he watched five hundred channels
and to thought was no longer a slave

an economist named ed
lost his job at the fed
out on the street
his heart skipped a beat
and raindrops fell on his head

a fearless forecaster named freak
called his brother in jail once a week
they had long conversations
about the future of industrialized nations
and agreed that the prospects were bleak

a grumbling gerbil named gerard
took wall street's collapse very hard
his emotions came out in a rush
as he angrily spooned his mush
and he said, they've quite lost my regard

a guinea pig named pete
in all his dealings was discreet
a nickel here, a dime there
of everyone's needs he took good care
and the payoff was always sweet

a harried hamster named herbert
had a craving for strawberry sherbet
he neglected his affairs
and attracted strangers stares
his appetite - he just couldn't curb it

a hummingbird named henri
finished his afternoon tea
when he opened his copy of the times
and read of the government's crimes
he was reduced to apoplexy

an ibex named isidore
dropped his peanut shells on the floor
his friends all cried, dagnabbit
you must lose this disgusting habit
or we won't cash your checks any more


TC said...


"...pal/glo-bal": qualifies as Rhyme of the Week.

Jon said...

I like the rhyme that TC suggests... but I'd go for "sherbet" and "curb it"... and I like the one on the economist too.

thanks for these timmy

Derliwall said...

hey timmy, i wandered over to check out your limericks from the expressive subjects site. I really like your philosopher one with the cave. I'm facilitating a discussion on Plato's Republic (with special emphasis on the allegory of the cave) next week. Maybe I'll ask the students to come up with philosophy themed limericks...

I loved reading these. Thanks :)

Harlequin said...

these were great... the word pairings were both " but of course" and howdedodat?!

Mariana Soffer said...

Excelent poem I do not know I skip this one, I like the structure, is kind of a paragraph anda color for every animal kind (including ofscourse the different types of humans)

You are incredibly creative man

Bye timmy take care