Sunday, January 24, 2010


the monkey chased the elephant down the empty highway
he finally cornered him in the back lot of an abandoned walmart
you have cost me a lot,
said the monkey

and i hate to do this to you
but you have too much value
what is cost,
asked the elephant

and what is value
as the monkey brought the ruby encrusted statue of the virgin
(or maybe it was vishnu or lenin or sarah palin)
down on his head

the elephants last
but i'm bigger than he is


human being said...

ahhh... yes... this is the value system of this 'brave new world' we live in...

who owns the mace of power and uses it?
it can be religion... it can be any ideology... or media...

your big/greatness never counts as you don't have that mace... or you DON'T want to use it...

Jon said...

the race doesn't always go to the fastest, or the prize to the strongest, or (unfortunately for the elephant) the ruby encrusted statue to the most deserving head (sarah palin's)


Harlequin said...

I liked how you juxtaposed the sacred and profane ( and absurd)as well as the eerie and foreboding .... I was wondering if/when the other character from your visual montage was going to show up.... however, I imagine I have not seen or heard the last of the monkey or the elephant....