Monday, January 18, 2010

away in the soadfo

this was inspired by this post about word verification on jon parsons' blog "a blade of grass"

the words in red were generated by blogger's word verification gadget

the words in blue were the "comments" used to prompt the word verification

"yikes", exclaimed albert as the soadfo started spreading across the road.
"zounds!", echoed colonel bankwait from the back seat as he peered over albert's shoulder. "i'll get the geril out of the trunk."
"that sounds like a bit of all right ," miss carpenter-st john agreed. "but i would feel better if we had some nognan ."

it was certainly a sight to behold . the colonel had to carefully restep back and forth over the spreading soadfo , as he gingerly made his way to the trunk of the caleflay .
"if i only had a mopsp , to cover my face with. " he muttered, considering his chances.

it was a definitive moment.
"can he get trichona from that stuff?" miss carpenter-st john peered cautiously out the periscope of the caleflay . "or is it exponentially , too early to say?"
"this might be an estorik occasion," miss goldenday, seated besde albert in the front seat, observed. she looked fabulous .

"oh, oh," albert said. "the pirkili is leaking out of the engine. i will have to get out myself and put some vessiste on the hull to seal it."
"be careful," said miss goldenday. "we wouldn't anything to happen to you."
"especially," added miss carpenter-st john, " as you are the only one who knows how to fix this organism. it's more complicated than the metabolism of an ahrestri ."
"i hope we don't have ahrestried development," said miss goldenday. "but look - the sun is setting. it looks gorgeous ."
"as you do yourself, miss," albert noted. he took a humungous pousn and and an incandescent madin out of the glove compartment and carefully opened the door of the caleflay and stepped out into the road. he noted some jellyfish floating in the spreading soadfo .

albert actually had no idea how to fix the caleflay . he wasn't even sure how to open the hood, or if the hood could be opened. this is going to be one kinesthetic experience, he told himself.
suddenly an acculai flew up out of the soadfo and fastened itself on to his neck.
miss goldenday shifted her lissome form over into the drivers seat of the caleflay and gazed out the window at albert's form writhing on the ground.
"is that an acculai , or a suregai ?" asked miss carpenter-st john.
"i don't know but i sure feel sorry for the gai ," answered miss goldenday.

meanwhile colonel bankwait had done a masterful job of getting to the trunk of the caleflay but had been unable to get it open and get the geril . he was pounding on the rear door for miss carpenter-st john to let him back in.

miss carpenter-st john nodded noddingly to miss goldenday. "should we let him in? it doesn't look like he accomplished his mission"
"i think he has a flask of diespe in his back pocket," said miss goldenday opportunistically . "let's give him a chance to redeem himself."


Jon said...


So well done with this... I love how you've made a pastiche of these words (if we can call some of them that).

My favorite has got to be:

estorik (esoteric???)

somehow that seems more like how it should be spelled... and I like the undecidability of the language... its closeness to nonsense... like the "soadfo" on the road and why the hell they have a gerbil in the trunk... (hmmmmm....)

Glad you get a kick out of the word verification too... seems to have hooked a number of the writers here in the community...

(p.s. That's an awesome pseudonym you've given me... can I use it?)


Anonymous said...

Genial fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

Harlequin said...

this was quite wonderful and playful..... once again, context is the great teacher.....
this is somewhat like a learning activity I use to demonstrate how sense can be made of a story without knowing what all the words are, but as long as there is a story line and a context, most people can make sense out of it....
of course, the converse is also the case..... I can create something with common words put together in such a way that meaning is deliberately obscured...
this one was well done.... I might have to use it .... with all credit to you, of course ;)

timmy said...

thanks, harlequin!

if you used this in a class, that would be very flattering

Jon said...

hi timmy,
i got a comment from an anonymous who said something very like this... about helping in class and all...

kind of boggling???

maybe a new species of spam, or something like it??? or maybe the assignment was on word verification...