Thursday, January 14, 2010


the terminator
was at the uc cinema

i thought it might be
good for a laugh

got there early
they were waiting for me

my fellow arnold fans
with open mouths

thick glasses and scraggly beards
giants caps on backwards

field jackets stuffed
with candy bars and stephen king novels

a chill passed through me
and i continued on

down university avenue
to serendipity books

to buy a nice
book of poetry

but who
was i kidding?

i was one
of them

they were
my brothers


Harlequin said...

as a bit of a reluctant terminator junkie myself, I found myself wrapped up in the sense of odd community you have woven here....
the candy bars and stephen king combo was a nice touch.... almost weirdly serene...

PO Johnson said...

There is something special about Arnold...

This reminds me of how I can sometimes like people that I find as assholes. I can't help thinking that Bush and Mussolini seemed like agreeable guys on one level, even though I hate their politics and what they stand for. Not sure why. Maybe it's their sad smiles that seem genuine. But man, I won't be fooled.