Tuesday, October 20, 2009


everybody deserves a free piece of apple pie
who is dave? you decide
now available: expertise on everything
your arrival has been taken into account

your uncle joe drove a dynamite truck
for forty years and nothing ever happened to him
why drive dynamite in trucks anyway?
leslie put her cup of hot chocolate down

outside the blizzard raged unabated
that's a big word - unabated
have you ever heard a person use it
in conversation?

a regular person i mean
not someone driving a dynamite truck

1 comment:

Harlequin said...

in football ( American football, not real football where you kick with your foot...) there is a penalty for running and pounding the quarterback for no reason that is : advancing unabated to the quarterback. But, then, these guys are not exactly regular...

and I wonder how many regular people drive their own versions of dynamite trucks... and maybe still do not use the work unabated...
this piece has some fiendishly clever juxtaposes