Sunday, October 18, 2009

early morning in the city

they put celine
in charge, not me

all she cared about
were her salads

she made one
with watermelon and walnuts

professor wilson
loved it

i mentioned
that the bolsheviks

were approaching
from the east

and he murmured
please not now

and reached for
his handkerchief

i turned to
president martine

the candlelight flickered
on his pince-nez

i said, the huns
are approaching

from the west
and he turned to celine

and complimented her
again on the salad

i received word
this evening

i told them
that attila and trotsky

are coordinating
their final offensive

i think, murmured professor wilson
that celine has coordinated this dinner

if you don't care, i cried

why even put celine
- or anybody - in charge

i went on
but static

drowned out my words
and their laughing replies

i rushed out the french window
and stood at the balcony

the night was clear
the city was quiet

it hadn't rained
in six months

maybe, i thought
they know

i don't


Jenny said...


I am new here and decided to stay a while the moment I got into the rhythm of your work.

Your poetry and illustrations are magnificent. I like your sense of humor as well. Glad to have found your site.


timmy said...

thanks, jenny. your kind words are
really appreciated

Harlequin said...

this is so kafkaesque... maybe they do....