Sunday, August 2, 2009

slurkett #6: the barracuda

and so when the barracuda was brought to shore
bright sunlight broke the cloud
concealing the terrible havoc the horrible creature had wrought
despair consumed the community of souls

emptiness then ruled
forever of the moon they would remember clear and loud
greedy rulers hiding in holes
hungrily devouring the remnants of the universe with their heads bowed

i only wish the full assembly could have done more
justice is thrown in the coals
kaleidoscopic chaos had had a big audience before
lords of darkness are never quite fooled

malevolent monasteries are mercifully never endowed
nevertheless in despair to have bought
odes now retooled
pervading the ether for desperate acolytes to score


Mariana Soffer said...

Beautifull poem, it reminds me a lot to a song from radiohead (which is a group I love) here it goes

Flies are buzzing round my head
Vultures circling my bed
Picking up every last crumb
The big fish eat the little ones
Big fish eat the little ones
Not my problem, give me some

You can try the best you can
The best you can is good enough

This one's optimistic
This one went to market
This one just came out of the swamp
This one dropped a payload
Fodder for the animals
Living on animal farm

Harlequin said...

agree with Mariana-- lovely poem... I have to say, my gut response on first reading was: so, you work in a university, too?!

just joking... I suppose the textures you explore and explode are in many contexts...

write on!!

timmy said...

thanks again to both of you

no i've never worked at any university or school - don't know if i would have been missing anything

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