Thursday, August 6, 2009

house of secrets

behind every wall there is a tree
in every tree there is a bird
every bird has a beak
every beak taps at a window

behind every window there is a secret
sometimes the curtain is drawn
and the bird can not see in the window
so it returns to the tree

and waits

finally a hand appears
and draws back the curtain
and a face appears
behind every face there is a secret

behind the face another face appears
the face of a maid
every maid has an announcement
besides having a secret

the maid says her piece
and the curtain is drawn again
and the bird sits in the window
and waits

every house
behind every wall
has guests
and every guest has secrets

the guest
tired of waiting for the mistress to appear
and afraid of inadvertently revealing his secret
retires to the lawn

the guest stands under the tree
behind the wall
he is too well bred to look up at the window
but he wonders about the secrets of the mistress (and the maid)

he lights a cigar
and the smoke rises
to the branch the bird is sitting on
and the bird flies away


Mariana Soffer said...

Very nice poem tim, I liked this one. It happes half in the jungle half in a civilized house. Every being that is in this poem has a primary task, and either a hidden one or a task used as a rebound one cause the main could not be done. I think that the main character is the bird, although is hard to know why.

Harlequin said...

I liked this wonderful piece; so well crafted. And I especially liked the little aside about the secrets of the mistress ( and the maid). Sublime.

Dave King said...

I'm with Harlequin, beautifully crafted. And quite delightful. Superb.

timmy said...

mariana and harlequin,
thanks as always, i really appreciate your comments

thank you very much, always great to hear from someone new