Sunday, August 23, 2009


you are stranded on a desert island - forever.
you have limitless supplies of oranges, bananas, peanuts, pistachios and water.
you can also choose one of the following items:

a) an endless supply of romance novels

b) an endless supply of porn

c) an endless supply of science fiction

d) an endless supply of tolkien type fantasy novels

d) an endless supply of comic books and graphic novels

e) an endless supply of vampire novels

f) an endless supply of serial killer novels

g) an endless supply of travel brochures and guide books

h) an endless supply of cook books (just to read, you won't have anything to cook with)

i) an endless supply of restaurant reviews

j) an endless supply of books about rich people

k) an endless supply of books about famous people

l) an endless supply of blank paper and colored crayons or markers

m) an endless supply of blank paper and endless supply of pencils (or a typewriter)

n) the bible and all other sacred texts ever written

o) all the biblical commentaries ever written

p) all the marxist literature and analyses ever written

q) descriptions of every animal and plant that has ever existed

r) the complete works of voltaire

s) a piano or other musical instrument

t) a model train set

u) a lego or building block set

v) a 100,000 piece solid color jigsaw puzzle

w) a telescope capable of viewing the universe

x) a kite (unbreakable)

y) a mirror and makeup kit

z) a basketball and hoop


Mariana Soffer said...

This is so dificult, to pick only one, but it is a really interesitng proposal i think it shows alot about who you are, well I guess I would choose

m) an endless supply of blank paper and endless supply of pencils (or a typewriter)

but let me at least tell you my second choice, which was almost the winner in this contest.

z) a basketball and hoop

Later on I guess you should tell us your choice.
By the way I really enjoy this fantasy game, it is fun and nice.

human being said...


- when you are alone, there is a vast emptiness... nothing can fill it up like writing...

- all the books would end some day... but when you write, it never ends...

- you are the one who create the world there...

- you have always someone to talk to... dialog...

- you will never end... even when you die... perhaps one day someone will be trapped there on the island like you... and s/he finds your writings... and you live through her/him...

funny... i was on a desert island... writing a very long letter... when i noticed your questionnaire coming to me in a bottle...

love this kind of game... desert island games have been my favorite since my childhood... all the time i thought of a situation on a desert island... and then decided what should i do...
later i used them to decide how much i can trust people or love them...

timmy said...

thanks as ever to both...

great to have such a long communication from you

TC said...


I'd go for


I hate to be like a big-eyed kid before Christmas, but what the heck, please throw in


Once upon a time, before I became an ancient cripple, I'd have picked
hands down... and for that matter, if the game were two-on-two, with you and me and Mariana and HB, and no scorekeeping, I'd throw away my inhibitions and aches and pains and take that one as my eternal choice.

timmy said...
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timmy said...

i would be happy to play hoops with you on the desert island in the time i could spare from my vampire novels and jigsaw puzzle

Harlequin said...

I am torn--- m or s.... I'd like to have my guitar, but the paper and pencils are a boon.... hmmm ... and I could always sing whatever songs I managed to write...
nice opportunity for reflections