Thursday, July 2, 2009

carnival, part 1

i dreamed i went to the county fair
and everybody i ever knew was there
and there were no men with horns or women with beaks
but all the same they were all freaks

there was johnny harris, who fell through the ice
and sheriff phil davis, who wasn't very nice
and aunt sally, and uncle fred
and a little man with a pointed head

there was colonel waters, who ran up the flag
and went fishing with an old red carpetbag
and major zane, who would never explain
and drove his wife, mrs zane, insane

and mrs purvis, who worked so hard
she heard voices in her back yard
and old dan burgess, the handy man
and madame lola, with her ivory fan

and reverend rudolph, so mighty and high
he couldn't look any man in the eye
and miss van lester, who taught sewing and art
and little miss sloan, with the broken heart

hot dogs and popcorn filled the air
and everybody wanted their share
some were polite and some were rude
and the night was misty and many hued

and there was danny jensen, with one arm
and tom jenkins, from the pig farm
standing in front of the gaudiest tent
that hell ever spawned, or heaven ever sent

it was made of velvet, or like enough
and redder than the rubies on the devils cuff
the outside was covered with diamonds and pearls
and inside there were dancing girls

quickly a crowd began to form
there was herb macgregor and his cousin norm
and wilmer stanton, who had seen the lord
and joe brown, who owned a brand new ford

and the barker looked like the kind of guy
who could sell a bluejay a piece of the sky
and sell you one too, if you gave him a chance
and had been to new york and paris france

in paris the girls do the hoochie-koo
the shimmy the shake and the toodle-oo
and johnny the apache with his shiny razor
is eyeing the foreign legion major

the major's monocle gets brighter and brighter
coralie's throat gets tighter and tighter
bottles crash on the cold stone floor
and now the gendarme stands in the door

dan carter was a barker bold
his mouth was wide and his eyes were cold
he could talk a mile a minute
and his spiel had plenty in it

about the pyramids sacred fires
and cleopatra's strange desires
and the secret music that filled the skies
of katmandu so ancient and wise

the sound of mysterious temple bells
love rites from the seven hindu hells
the menfolk are getting restless you know
it's almost time for the show

suddenly there arose a shout
johnny harris and a roustabout
with a red bandana and iron muscles
rolled in the dust in a furious tussle

sinners and saved both searched the skies
to avoid the barkers hypnotic eyes
the menfolk were getting restless you know
it was almost time for the show

"get him, johnny! smash him skin him!"
"i always knew johnny had it in him!"
"are you kidding? he's getting slaughtered"
the fracas was getting hotter and hotter


TC said...

I once had a friend named Izzy Zane,
That was perhaps not his real name.

Hot fracasee was simmering on the range,
The kitchen began appearing rather strange.

timmy said...

fracasee must have a pretty secret recipe. there is no mention of it in google or wikipedia. we do learn that: Le Capitaine Fracasse est un roman de Théophile Gautier paru en 1863.
it looks like this book has never been translated into english. it must not be a very good book.

from sea to shining sea
izzy cooked his fracasee
its secret recipe
was unknown to the likes of you and me

he countenanced no expedients
and carried the ingredients
with his swag
in a bag

on his shouder
he crossed raging streams filled with giant boulders
to serve his fracasee to mountain men
and gourmets refined to the power of ten

at the best three star restaurant in denver
the chef, beauregard
was a cunning blackguard

who sought to rob iz
of what was rightfully his
with lacquered words and honeyed phrases
he penetrated the recipe's mazes

and it tastes just as good
as it would
if izzy received his due
i swear this story is true

Mariana Soffer said...

I liked it, I liked the short stories told about who was there and where they come from, then when you jump to more out of this word things that happen, they also connect one to another at least in my mind's word.
A dream t dream amazingly told.

By the way you keep experimenting and changing your stile, I think is good to do that.