Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the age of fable

yet it was real

it had actually existed
a world without cell phones
without the internet
without cable tv!

and although you lived in it
you could no longer remember
what did people do all day?

"so you buy this thing
and you do your taxes on it
and then what -
it just sits there for the rest of the year?"

actual words
you had spoken
to a fellow human
around 1981

so what did people do all day?
i know!
they must have sat around and talked to each other

well not exactly

there were movie theaters
where people sat in the dark
and were expected to be silent

and 3 tv stations
and radio
and novels by agatha christie and mickey spillane and ian fleming
and comic books!

and long streets with tall buildings you could walk down forever

so you see there were plenty of things to do
if you didn't want to talk to other people
or they didn't want to talk to you

o poets and philosophers
who lament the passing
of the golden ages
of love and friendship and cameraderie

think back to the first human
who built himself a house
instead of sleeping in the tent or beside his horse
like his fellows

and even earlier
to the first hominid who crawled into a warm hole in a cliff
instead of sleeping with his mates in the tree

and they looked at him and said
why is he so alienated?
doesn't he like us any more?


Mariana Soffer said...

tim, you poem make me anguish, really. I do not understand why, when I talk about this stuff it is ok, but I guess art digs deeper, therefor feels deeper.
"We seek solace in the physical. We buy what we don't need, because it is supposed to make us feel good. We work harder to buy more, because it may make us feel better. Safer. In the process, we become alienated from our families."
and also
"paradoxically people are getting more connected and isolated at the same time, while using social networks
You can check my blog post for the rest.
Very good poem, and antropologic analysic of current society in less than 50 words.

TC said...

Mariana is right (as usual). A poem is a swift carrier of complex messages that might defeat a thousand essayists.

Sad message, but true. Neat poem, T.

timmy said...


mariana -
this poem was in fact prompted by the discussions on your blog, on depression and social networking


Mariana Soffer said...

this from dbpq fits here:
Somehow everything is connected to everything else and still each of us is discrete and unconnected to the rest of humanity. Concatenations and isolations. An atomized existence, but the atoms that represent fragmentation are what make up our solid flesh. We live in a Milky Way so large we cannot imagine it, and every star of it is an atom in the body of existence. Look deep enough into the structure of our bodies and there are vast spaces between the atoms that allow us to roll a pencil in the curved palms of our hands and the nothing that takes up whatever space isn't taken up by substance. A millionth is merely another way of looking at a million.

(he is in my links)
I will try to see it more thoroughtly (the post)

How do we know said...

wow.. this is wonderful! loved the fable!!

human being said...

there should have been some wrong traits in the real interacions among people in the society that they feel more comfortable in the virtual world...

i don't watch tv... i have a cell phone but again i rarely use it... i walk a lot... and i think and write a lot...

and i couldn't trust the internet and the virtual community for a long time... but now it's more than two years i'm blogging... and now i somehow know what's happening here... this virtual world has got a soul... a new consciousness is created... a new era perhaps in man's way of thinking... if we want to stop people being alienated from each other we should correct our real world interactions... this virtual world can help...

here we are more thoughts and mind... and this is man's true nature... but in real world, we are mostly body and physicality... that's why we escape it...

great work!