Thursday, July 16, 2009

better than one

i always craved anonymity
but since i had two heads
it eluded me

when i walk into the drugstore
to buy a candy bar
josie says to her mom
look mom, that man has two heads

barack obama was running for president
and he shook my hand
and said
i like your heads

but when sarah palin shook my hand
she just smiled
i liked sarah palin better!

i went walking in the wilderness
and met gilgamesh
i wanted to be his pal
but he said, sorry bud, those monsters will see you coming a mile away
i just can't take the chance

i kept wandering
and met iskander
and his famous horse "doublehead"
i tried to strike up a conversation
on this basis
but quickly saw i was boring them

as they galloped away
i called after them
"is it because i have two heads?"

but only the wind and the dust
something about castles
and princesses

i met tamerlane
resting under a tree beside a pond
and he cried
"i have never cut two heads off one man before!"

and he laughed
but fell asleep under the tree
so i passed on

i found zoroaster
sitting under a bigger tree
he just stared at me

i pointed out that i had two heads
and he answered
"the one tree will shade two heads"


next i came upon the buddha
and his twin brother
sitting under a withered tree
with little shade

i asked them
"are two heads better than one?"
and the buddha answered
"better than one what?"

and his twin brother answered
"better than one for what"

then the emperor rode by
in his golden carriage
and i asked him the same question

and he answered
"of course
two heads can sing my praises
exactly twice as loudly as one"

and he rode on
and i realized the emperor was barack obama
and the golden carriage was sarah palin

this was real progress!

maybe someday
i'll meet somebody
who really understands


Mariana Soffer said...

Maybe one needs to understand onself before one can find someone that understands as well. Just a thought
Beautifull words.

human being said...

you are more trustworthy than others with your two heads...

you tell more truth... more stories... more poems... because you see more... you think more and you negotiate and analyze more....

two heads are better than one

in Iran we have a proverb with the same wording... it is used to connote there should be talk and exchange of ideas over any problem...

a person like you with two heads is more ready to listen to others and understand them...

though you might feel lonely... because others have got one head and have got used to their selfishness...

really really loved this poem... the journey and the characters we encountered along the way... each stage was an epiphany...

you are a sage!

timmy said...

thanks for your comments as always

it's great to have you back "crowing", my friend. besides worrying about you, i hardly had anyone to tell me how wonderful i am. my heads (both of them) almost shrunk back to normal size.

human being said...

you are! never doubt it... even when there is no one to tell you that...
heads of people who can write beautiful stories and poems never shrink...

worrying about me?
you are a real friend, Timmy...

to tell you the truth, i myself get worried about myself sometimes!

c'eat la vie!

TC said...

Nice poem, Tim.

Sounds like you've found some understanding.

Jon said...

i have this same affliction
and i think somehow we all do

all wearing a mask (anyways)

so someone who really understands
maybe is someone who just knows

they have two heads too

Jon said...

liked all the allusions to so many great stories...

was the one tamerlane from Ovid? the guy who apparently swan the hellspond?

Harlequin said...

I am enjoying this romp through recent offerings... have been swamped with work based BS and have been reading but not commenting much...

this one was a lovely semiotic swirl of image and allusion and juxtapose, and so well done!

I like how you portray the risks of authentic engagement; thank you!