Monday, April 6, 2009

kicks on galaxy 66

"and so these are the sort of fellows you bring me, that you expect me to defend the empire with."
"never fear, darl krogar, these specimens are only the first small testament to our regard for you - and the empire - and our determination to do everything in our power to contribute to your inevitable success. "
darl krogar nodded politely. behind him a map of the universe dotted with red and yellow pins glowed dully. the red pins - signifying disaster - outnumbered the yellow pins - signifying anything less than disaster - by twenty to one. green pins for success and blue pins for victory lay untouched in a tray below the map.
the stygian ambassador rose. "by the way, i brought a couple of young men - young men recommended by the royal family - who would like to be considered for the imperial officer corp. i will just leave them outside. no need to see me out" he turned left through the simple door of darl krogar's spartan office.
darl krogar took a nap. he always took a nap, sitting at his desk, for an hour every day. the pictures of the recruits the stygians had brought him lay open on his desk.
after a while his secretaty, miss p---------, who had been miss trans3universe and later ambassador for the empire to transuniverse 45, came in and put four red pins and one yellow one in the map.
miss p----------- jotted a note on a little pad to buy some more red pins. then she leaned over the marshal's sleeping form and picked up the photos of the stygian recruits.
pursing her full red lips, she sorted through the photos with an occasional "ah.....ha"

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