Sunday, March 22, 2009

slurkett #3

take me out to the ball game in a red bentley
unleash some crackerjack
verily let me sit and watch batting practice like a natural fan
why then i will be truly happy, i swear

exposed at the plate
yet doing his best to give the ball a resounding whack
zeke's mom in the stands sheds a tear
all because he misses the ball completely and his career is now off track

but batter goes back to the dugout evidently
caring not how to spell fear
despite having a brand new unabridged websters so intently
ecstatic not in despair with fate

forever his mom and his old pal jojo wish they had a big snack
gold shining of the moon does not appear
hey it;s too late
indeed the sixth inning slides to the seventh very gently

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