Sunday, February 1, 2009

super sunday

today is super sunday
the best day of the year
americans sit around the screen
their heroes for to cheer

the heroes are in red and white
and black and gold and blue
they smash their heads together
to show their hearts are true

the quarterbacks are christians
they sincerely praise the lord
but both can not be victors
one must fall upon his sword

mom and dad and sis and junior
and all their neighborhood friends
are transfixed by the spectacle
and all that it portends

from the flaming widescreen pod
a billion bytes invade the room
and swarm the happy humans
as they chompingly consume

millions of chopped up cows and pigs
who inspire not one tear
a mountain of potato chips
a galactic ocean of beer

bruce springsteen strides upon the stage
his words are heaven sent
in the hopeleful new america
with its great new president

i tried to write this poem
an american to be
if anything is not quite right
put all the blame on me

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