Friday, February 27, 2009

the rustler from rangoon

"yes, i rode with jesse james."
the tall lean yankee stranger leaned over the rail.
a herd of about twenty oxen were swimming toward the boat.
"did you ride with billy the kid?", prudence asked.
"no. i'm afraid i never made the acquaintance of the illustrious mr bonney."
prudence looked down at the water. the oxen were drawing closer.
"do you think mr roosevelt will want to shoot them now?" , she asked.
the yankee turned and looked at the door of the stateroom. teddy roosevelt stood in it. the setting sun glinted off his monocle, and his mustache twitched in the breeze.
"i think," teddy drawled, "these beasts must belong to some honest farmers who can be converted to christianity and democracy. there will be no shooting here tonight."
the oxen came closer. the lead ox was suddenly transformed into a beautiful raven-haired mermaid. her left hand touched the side of the boat and in her right hand she lifted out of the water a translucent green pearl.

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