Tuesday, January 20, 2009

8 poems

there was a young man from peru
who never knew what to do
when his shoes were untied
his smile was wide
and his eyes were celestially blue

there was a young maid from malay
whose behavior was quite outre
the townsfolk requested
that she be arrested
when she promenaded on the quay

during the sack of rome
attila decided to go home
to his men around a bonfire
he said, fellows i've decided to retire
there is something buzzing in my dome

there was a young man named mcgoof
who climbed on the courthouse roof
a cannon was trained
on his palpitating brain
and he disappeared with a poof

there was a young man from spain
with a throbbing jugular vein
when he got excited
his brain ignited
and his ears shot out purple flame

there was a young maid from bolivia
with the right proper name of olivia
when a highwayman approached
and on her carriage encroached
she said i'm sorry i've got nothing to give ya

a young man from asbury park
went to china on a lark
he caused an international incident
by enquiring where his napkin went
at a picnic in the emperors park

a young man from sunny mt pleasant
received a motor car for a christmas present
he took to the road
in a boisterous mode
and slaughtered a few dozen peasants

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