Tuesday, March 4, 2008

5 sad poems

a pensioner named pollock
was a confirmed alcoholic
the old fool was heard to mutter
as he looked for bottles in the gutter
this being a drunk is no frolic

a cheerleader named aurora
had her whole life before her
she fell in with a bad crowd
and was heard to proclaim aloud
all i want is to score, duh

ethel jones washed rich folks sheets
and her daughter walked the streets
and made more money in fifteen minutes
than ethel in her whole life - that's sad isn't it?
listen to the rain as it beats

jenny's kitty climbed a tree
because it wanted to be free
perched below the topmost leaf
it looked down with pure relief
at jenny's weeping misery

a patient named percival pone
walked the earth alone
down the corridors of the hospital
he dreamed of all things possible
until he finally turned to stone

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