Thursday, March 27, 2008

5 more poems

miss morrison, a mischievous maid
to walk alone was not afraid
but when the werewolf bared his teeth
upon the lonely blasted heath
she wished at home she had stayed

a genial gourmand named gight
ate oysters all day and night
he got overheated
and remained seated
when it was time to fuss and fight

a temperance lady named june
busted up the local saloon
with her mighty truncheon
she destroyed the free luncheon
and the drunkards warm cocoon

a nasty little boy named burke
was considered by his fellows a jerk
instead of worshipping football players
he spent his days sending fervid prayers
to satan -which didn't work

listen to the rain as it beats
on the windows and in the streets
it swirls and falls
it murmurs and calls
listen to the rain as it beats

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