Thursday, December 23, 2010


i'm sorry
i didn't mean it

but you said
i know i said

but i didn't mean it
but you said

i have it

right here
you said it

i know i said it
but i was just saying

i didn't mean it
you're a liar

i don't believe you
you said it

you are what you say
i was just kidding

i didn't mean it

what do

know about honest?

you have to believe me
i didn't mean it

i know you
you're a sociopath

i read a book
about you

isn't that kind of

a big word for a

like this?
go away

i don't like
you any more

i never liked you
how can you

not like me
"any more"

if you never liked me?
there you go

being a smarty pants

as well as a

i know you

i always knew you
how can you

know me

if you always knew me?
get out

get out
so all this stuff

about the tape
and the book

about the sociopath
is just an

exercise in style

if you never
liked me

i said get out

it's my room
yes, mine

you don't
believe me

i have the rent receipt
right here

in black
and white

that's just the
kind of thing

a sociopath
would say

like what i have
on the recording

i have the receipt
you have the recording

i guess there is

more to say
i guess not

you should find

a new insult

is kind of sterile
all right

i'll leave

see you around
no you won't

i'm glad
that's over with


Richa said...

Wow. This was quite something.

human being said...

the way pictures complement the words gives this beautiful work even more depth... more layers...

nothing's wrong with a sociopath... it is just a sign showing that the society is sick... s/he has been sensitive enough to show this... 
 just a healthy/functioning organ can show the disease of the system... but unfortunately people/doctors think only that organ is diseased...
alas! no holistic view!

this dialog reveals a lot!

Harlequin said...

as much a mirror as a conversation, as much a plea as a rant; you use small words, vertical structure and image juxtapose to wonderful e/affect.