Saturday, March 6, 2010

poem from an old typewriter, with translation

jtrew kirw o;pt vey
u ynn ge u gtp
liujtre bytrew t i
juntr eqwq hytewqo

ytr dseiu gtre poy
e h r njhytrews
wsoyr4cdsaq ik

t poiltrewq cfpiuytr
gyh kiuy
p ku wqb

miyte iy
oitreqbu ly te

i threw a potato on the part of the omelette that needed help
you younguns need to get a grip
the future will be held hostage by truth
the junta will hide the jewels among the elephants

your true desires have long necks
every hollow representation bestrews the news
pollination - that's the word
why, so your four cadets have deserted the good cause

there's that word again - very chewable
get your kinesis here - not there
i understand there will be seven fewer for dinner
please correlate your walpurgisnachts

mightly likely
i thought i heard the overpass call my name


Noxalio said...

this is

timmy said...

thanks, noxalio. it's always a special treat to hear from someone new.

Harlequin said...

yessir.... simply marvellous!
been up to my ass at work for a couple of weeks, Timmy; nice to see this wonderful piece!

Jenny Enochsson said...

Hi timmy, you are this week's Featured Poet on FoS! Thank you for all your superb poetry and artwork! Lucky to have you there.

Old 333 said...

I like this one too. In fact, I'm enjoying the lot. Thanx for your work.