Saturday, April 3, 2021


different people lead different lives
some are con men, some work nine to five
some are on welfare, some are movie stars
some spend their lives in libraries, others in sports bars

some people love the whole human race
and greet the world with a smiling face
others take exception to their personal circumstances
and think they don’t get fair chances

some are born with silver spoons
in their mouths, but still sing sad tunes
some are happy just to exist
some disappear, and are never missed

some people just can’t get along
everything they do is wrong
others always provoke a smile
and have no bad info in their files

some folks have to rise and shine
and rush to get to work on time
others can lie around all day
whether the skies are blue or gray

more and more folks “work at home”
and spend their lives on the phone
or sit all day in front of a screen
what does it all mean?

yes, my friend, the world is changing
unseen forces are rearranging
the human race into one big blob
the new age is on the job

when the aliens arrive
hardly a soul will be alive
who will remember the old days
when different people went different ways

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