Sunday, February 14, 2021


the sky is as blue as tigers.

the clouds are as white as polar bears.

after a while, the sky turns gray, as gray as an elephant.

later it will turn dark blue.

it will not turn black - very rarely does it actually turn black.

a street light will come on beneath your window.

if you wait long enough, someone will walk down the street.

if you wait even longer, someone will stop under the street light.

and they will look up at your window and you will see their face.

that is, you could, if the window was not so high.

the window is as high as the sky.

there is a sliver of moon in the sky.

but it is hidden behind the clouds.

the clouds in the dark blue night.

you listen, but you hear nothing.

not even a lonesome whistle.

or the sound of tires in the rain.

because it is not raining.

it has not rained for a long time.

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